Blaise Héritier

Life Story

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Blaise Héritier studied conducting at the Lausanne Academy of Music, where he earned his degree as a professional brass band and Harmony conductor under the supervision of Pascal Favre. He went on to complete his formation with Jean Balissat and was awarded the Distinguished Degree for Orchestration.

He currently conducts the Jura Brass Ensemble and the Blasorchester Siebnen, which are at the Excellency level. At the same time, he also conducts the EVOCA choir, a symphonic choir of which he is the founder. Blaise Héritier is regularly engaged as a guest conductor specifically of the Harmonie Nationale des Jeunes (2013-14), of the Blasorchester Stadtmusik Luzern (2014) and of Blasorchester Oberland Thun (2010-13). He also frequently conducts his musical ensembles on tour both in Switzerland and abroad.

Beside his role as the president of the musical board for the Swiss Association of Musical Groups (ASM), $Blaise Héritier was also appointed "Ambassador of the Republic Canton Jura" by the Jura government in 2013. Furthermore, he was awarded the Cultural Merit by the Courrendlin Commune in 2012 and 2013.

He has composed and created a number of shows where musical expression and other forms of arts are closely linked. Blaise Héritier is frequently invited as an expert both in Switzerland and abroad.

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